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Get paid for surveys” You see the ads all over the internet claiming you can make money online by doing paid surveys. So can you? Lets have a good look at the 'Get-Paid-for-Surveys' industry, and find out what’s real and what’s not.

What are Online Surveys?

Surveys are conducted online by market research firms, these firms are contracted by companies and corporations all around the world to get the views and opinions of their customers, about products and services they provide. The research firm collects data from the respondents of surveys they conduct for their clients; they compile this information into a decipherable format for the client to improve exiting products or to even create a new one. There are many other ways the information from these surveys may be used, but they are too numerous to list here.

Can I Really Get Paid For Doing Surveys Online?

The answer to this question would have to be yes, but how much is to be debated. You can get paid for surveys online. Cash, prizes and other rewards are awarded to people who participate in, and complete online surveys. Though the question is how much? There are many ads on the internet that claim you can make money online doing paid surveys, and that’s all you’ll have to do to make a living. These ads are very misleading and don’t apply to the majority of people doing paid surveys online.

The truth is, in most cases you will only ever make some extra cash, and possibly get some products or online vouchers for your participation in online surveys. If you get an extra few hundred dollars a month doing paid surveys, you are doing well.

Paid Survey Scams – Don’t Fall For the Hidden Tricks

The majority of paid surveys are legitimate, there are a few though, that are best to steer clear of. Many of these sites will ask for fees to be paid by you to join their site before you can get paid for surveys. After you pay the fees you will usually get access to an outdated list of paid survey sites, and little to none of the claimed support.

There is no need to pay these fees for access to paid surveys, there are many free sites that provide this service, and the lists are usually very current and up-to-date. Our site is one of the many sites that provide this free service.

Get Started Now! Surveys That Make Money Online

The best way to get started, and get paid for surveys, is to join a select few of the sites we have listed below. These paid surveys are all legitimate market research companies that conduct regular online surveys for their clients. You would be best to join a dozen or so to start with, it does take a little time to join these sites, filling out all the required information, but the application process is necessary for you to have a chance at receiving high paying surveys. After you feel comfortable it is recommended you join a least 50 or more survey sites to give yourself a good chance at making money from paid surveys.

Lastly, have some fun with them, be honest and don’t fall for the scams.

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