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How To Find Legitimate Survey Companies

Preparing online surveys for cash or merchandise and other rewards are becoming one of the more popular ways to earn money from home. The great part about this opportunity is that research sites need as many people as possible to complete their demographic models, so they are always accepting applicants. Corporations seeking market research on products or services is continually in demand, so survey opportunities are abundant. It is, in an overall view, the prime opportunity to earn income from home.

However, as with any opportunity, some offers are better than others. By following these simple steps you can distinguish which survey companies are legitimate, which offer the types of awards you desire and which sites are just flat out scams.

  1. One of the easiest ways to avoid poor survey sites is to join a work at home community. These communities are filled with people, performing the same tasks as you are, and their knowledge and experience is valuable. In these communities you can learn which companies to avoid, which pay the most money for each survey and which companies have the most survey opportunities. You can also share on these sites any information that you have acquired in finding good companies. This is also a great way to learn about new companies that are going to offer the best paid surveys program.
  2. Read all the fine print. It is very common for people to overlook the fine print on any website. They just assume that everything is legal, or else it would not be posted on the Internet. However, this is the furthest thing from the truth. You need to know all of the following information about a site before you agree to become a member.
    A. Does the site have contact information that is more than a web-based email address? Companies that do not have contact addresses and phone numbers should be avoided at all costs.
    • Does the company have a Privacy Policy? If the company does not have a privacy policy posted you can guarantee they are going to sell all of your information. You will be spammed, phoned, and watch your mailbox fill up with junk. Avoid these companies just for your own sanity.
    • Does the company have an earnings disclaimer? A legitimate company will have a disclaimer posted on their site stating something to the fact that earnings are not guaranteed. This is a legal protection. Websites without this disclaimer are not to be trusted.
    • Does the company explain in detail how it rewards its panelists for their participation? Does it state if it pays in cash, points or contest entries? Does it disclose any payment requirement, such as need of a PayPal account? Does the site list a certain time period before claiming your reward? These are all very important issues that a legitimate site will disclose.
  3. Determine Payment Method. Payment will be rendered by either cash rewards, point rewards or entries into a contest. Cash payments will most often be sent through PayPal, though cheques may be issued for a fee. Point programs will allow you to redeem your points for cash, gift cards or merchandise. Contest entries will give you a chance at a very large cash pay out.

It should be noted when you are collecting points as awards that you understand how you may spend them. Some companies will require you to purchase merchandise out of their overpriced online store. Make sure you understand how the program pays before you agree to participate.

Avoiding The Scam

There are companies out there that are only interested in gathering your personal information to resell. They are not legitimate survey sites. While this list may not help you avoid all the scam artists out there, these are some of the largest danger signs that the site is not in your best interest.

  • Any site that requests you to pay for membership in the survey program - Survey sites are always free.
  • Any site that requests you to participate in offers before allowing you to have access to paid surveys
  • Any site that wants to charge you for information on how to make money from surveys
  • Any site that offers a guarantee on the income you will generate from completing surveys
  • Any site that requires a credit card to be held on file
  • Any site that asks for personal banking information, PayPal passwords or access to your online banking.
  • Any site that fails to have contact information, privacy policy or legal disclosures posted on them.
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