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Top 7 Questions About Paid Survey Programs

Earning money by completing online surveys is an easy and fun way to generate extra income from home. Many people have become very successful at this method of generating income at home. Some have even been able to leave their current employment and complete surveys full time.
With this in mind, there are 7 common questions that are asked by online entrepreneurs that desire to earn income from home completing surveys.

  1. What Is The Pay Rate For Surveys?
    Each survey that you complete will be paid at a different rate. Rates will depend on the company issuing the survey and the length of the survey. If you are completing a survey that takes 30 minutes to fill out, you will be paid much higher than one that is only 10 questions long. Some surveys will offer bonus surveys that pay considerably higher for a short survey, again this will depend on the organization that is issuing the questionnaire.
  2. How Do Survey Companies Pay?
    Survey companies each pay differently. However, there are 3 common forms of payment. Surveys will pay you for your time with:
    • Cash payment
    • Points
    • Entries into contests

    Cash payment is usually issued by direct deposit into a PayPal account. Depending on the company, you may receive payment each time the survey is completed, or periodically during the month. Some companies may issue checks, but there may be a fee attached to this method.

    Points are awarded into an account that accumulate for cash and prizes. These points generally can be used to claim gift cards or merchandise. It is important to review the policies of the survey company to understand when and how often you can redeem your points. Verify if there are any expiration dates.
    Contest entries have become quite popular among survey companies. When you complete a survey they will award you a set number of entries into a grand prize drawing. While these are legitimate, it is much harder to earn income with this method.
  3. Should I Join More Than One Survey Company?
    Yes! Surveys are issued based on demographic information. The more companies that you are registered with, the more chances you have to participate in a survey. Surveys will require a specific amount of respondents from each of their demographic categories. The more times you can qualify, the more you will earn. The key to making money through online surveys is quantity.
  4. Should I Tell The Companies What They Want To Hear?
    No. The reason that different companies will issue surveys is to find out the truth about their product or service. They know that anonymous responses will provide them with actual data, as opposed to face-to-face questioning. People will feel much more secure in responding negatively, yet truthfully, to a bad product if they are given the chance to do so without repercussion.
  5. Will I Receive Free Products To Examine?
    There are many opportunities to be selected in market research that involves using a product and reporting your findings. This does not happen with every survey, but it will happen. You may be asked to try a new soap or shampoo, food item or even try a website. After you have tried the product, you will be required to report your findings to receive payment for your opinion.
  6. Will Everyone Know My Personal Information?
    The survey company will undoubtedly have you complete a registration form that asks for your personal information. This is for the payment process only. After you have completed that part of your application, you will be asked many demographic-based questions. These questions are what will be used to identify your responses to the sponsoring company, and these questions only. Your identity will never be revealed to any company that has requested a survey.
  7. How Do You Know If A Survey Company Is Legitimate?
    As with any type of Internet based business, there is always a risk for scams. To determine if the company you wish to register with is legitimate there are a few things you can do.
    • Check the “Contact Us” page. Is there contact information listed? No contact information means it is most likely a scam. If there is info listed, copy and paste it into Google, this will help you research the company.
    • Companies requesting payment to join. Any company requesting money should be avoided.
    • Lack of Privacy Policy. If a company cannot guarantee that they will not sell or use your information, you want to move on.

Of course, these are not guaranteed ways to avert a scam, but they will help. Never hesitate to research a company before applying. It is always better to be safe.

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