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Why Companies Are Willing To Pay You To Complete Online Surveys

When it comes to new products or services, there are four major expenses that every company must endure before it is brought to market. Research and development of the product, production of the product, market research on the product and advertising. Each of these steps are very expensive, and each are crucial to the success of the product.

Businesses use online surveys for their market research because it provides the following benefits:

  • Results are gathered in just a few days as opposed to weeks or months
  • All surveys are generated exactly the same and are sent at the same time
  • Anonymity guarantees more honest results, giving the company an advantage
  • Demographic requirements can be easily filled
  • Respondents are not annoyed by the process of completing the survey as they often are when approached on the telephone.
  • Costs to the company to deliver surveys over the Internet are considerably lower than phone calls.
  • Response time is not restricted to a research panel. Consumers can feel relaxed while responding, which helps them to provide more concise answers
  • Reduction in call centre usage, and paper surveys is better for the environment
  • Online surveys allow companies to carry out more detailed survey questions because the respondent is taking their time to read the survey.
  • Majority of households have an Internet connection, allowing for fair representation of the public
  • Respondents that receive compensation for their time are more willing to commit the time needed to respond accurately to the survey.

As you can see, online surveys represent a very important part of any marketing strategy for a company. These companies rely on this information to produce marketable products, and for this information they are willing to pay.

For this reason alone, someone willing to devote some extra time, can make a considerable amount of income filing out surveys.

To effectively make money doing online surveys you should use the following guideline:

  • Join several online survey companies. This will allow you to be selected for multiple surveys, increasing your income significantly.
  • Complete as many surveys as possible each day, even if they are small. The better response rate you have, the more surveys you will receive from each company.
  • Answer all your survey questions with complete honesty, regardless if the survey answer is negative on the product. The input you give will be used to determine many things about the product. This is your chance to shape the retail market.
  • Accept any chance to become a member of a focus group or free trial. These are opportunities to make considerable money from your efforts. This will also provide you with a chance to receive free samples and try new products before anyone else.
  • Make sure your demographic information is always current on the survey sites. Many times companies will only wish to hear the opinions of a targeted group of people. For instance, it would be unnecessary for a company to seek the opinion of women for a male pattern baldness remedy. By keeping your information current you will have more chances of being selected for targeted surveys.
  • Create a separate email account specifically for completing surveys. This allows you to focus on your survey taking as well as keeps your personal inbox from becoming cluttered.
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