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Leger Marketing United States Canada
Leger Marketing is a market research firm that primarily conducts research in both Canada and the United States. They conduct a variety of studies, including online and offline panels into a wide range of different topics and industries, and by participating with them on these surveys you can win your share of a $1000 cash prize.

Leger Web Survey United States Canada is one of Canada’s largest market research websites, and they are currently looking for people to participate in their online lifestyle survey. This survey is brief and online, and it offers participants the chance to win one of three prizes, in the form of cash or an iPod.

Lightspeed Research

United States Canada United Kingdom Australia International

When you’re looking for an online market research company through which to share your opinion and earn cash for doing so, it often helps to go with those that have significant experience. Lightspeed Research is one such company, and they are willing to reward you with cash or sweepstake entries for participating in their surveys.

MaCorr Web Panel United States Canada
MaCorr Research Solutions Online is a full-service online market research organization, which means that they conduct a wide range of both qualitative and quantitative studies directly through their website. Participants in these studies are entered into cash prize draws for each survey or study completed, and occasionally additional prizes are on offer.

Market Reader Pro United States International
Market Reader Pro is a market research organization that conducts a wide range of studies into various household and consumer goods. They are looking for people from all walks of life to participate in these studies, which are either compensated with cash payments or with the products that are being trialed.

Market Truths International
If you are an avid user of Second Life, and you are interested in assisting companies from around the world to improve and develop various products and services, then Market Truths is inviting you to participate in their interesting program, which rewards participants with virtual currency usable in this online environment.

Marketing Analytics United Kingdom United States Canada International
Marketing Analytics is looking for people to participate in its online market research programs, which generally take the form of online focus groups. The program is available to anyone with an internet connection, and rewards of up to 20 are paid in either cash or vouchers for each group that users participate in.

Matrix Research United States International
Matrix Research is effectively a specialist organization that is primarily concerned with market research recruitment, and they are looking for people from all walks of life to participate in a variety of studies. These studies are usually in the form of group discussions, taste tests or mystery shopping, and they usually offer some form of compensation.

MBS Internet Research Center International
The MBS Research Center is an online market research organization that conducts all of its market research studies over the web. They conduct a number of surveys and focus groups directly through their website, and many of these studies are accompanied by some form of reward, usually cash or gifts.

Media Transfer International is a multilingual market research company that is looking for panelists to assist in online market research. The company offers special points for participation, which can be exchanged for online shopping vouchers once a balance of 100 has been reached. Surveys are online and come in a variety of lengths.

Medical Advisory Board International
If you are involved in the medical or healthcare industry, then the Medical Advisory Board is willing to offer you cash for your feedback and opinions. They are looking for various people from the healthcare industry to participate in various online studies, and each study is accompanied by various cash honorariums.

MedPanel International
Medical professionals, patients, and caregivers are wanted by MedPanel to participate in research projects such as online surveys and panels, for healthcare industry research. Take part in projects and receive compensation for your time and input. To apply for panel membership, simply fill in the appropriate registration form, available onsite.

Mega Brands Parent Panel International
Mega Brands is one of the world’s leading developers of children’s toys and building blocks, and they create a number of popular products that are available throughout the world. They are looking for all people who interact with these products to join their online panel, and assist them in future projects.

Men Panel United Kingdom Canada France Germany Italy is a market research website that is dedicated entirely to men, and they are therefore looking for men from all walks of life to offer their opinions in a variety of online surveys. These surveys all offer cash compensation, which can be spent at any of the MenPanel partner websites.

Metro Life Panel International
The Metro Life Panel is an online market research panel, and they are looking for people from all walks of life to participate in their various studies. The results of these studies are published on the website the following day, and each offers participants entries into draws for a variety of different prizes.

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