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At we’ve compiled this comprehensive listing of paid surveys for anyone who lives in New Zealand. Market research companies from New Zealand are always looking for new participants to give there honest opinions and feedback on a wide variety of topics. Register at any one of these companies online today and you’ll join the thousands of people throughout NZ who already participate in online paid surveys. Participating in paid surveys over the internet is a great way to earn some extra cash and work from home at any time that fits in with your life style.

Get Paid for Your Opinions in New Zealand

Have your say about the products and services you use and get reimbursed for your time with cash, gift vouchers and even free products. There are many topics covered in paid surveys and you could find yourself answering questions on anything from environmental and government issues to fashion, advertising, product packaging and much more.

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YourVoice New Zealand
If you are interested in sharing your opinions in a range of online surveys, and you like the idea of being rewarded for doing so, then it might be worth taking a look at what Your Voice has to offer. They offer participants a range of rewards, including vouchers and games.

PureProfile New  

United States Australia United Kingdom New Zealand

If you are interested in having cash paid directly into your bank account for answering and participating in various online surveys and studies, then Pure Profile offers an attractive option. At present this is the only reward redemption system in place, but surely no one in his or her right mind will complain about it? No confusing points, prize draws or other schemes to get you to participate. Pureprofile pay you in your local currency. Real Cash Money. You even get paid if you screen out of a survey.

Surveyhead New New Zealand International
If you are interested in playing an important part in the decision making process in some of the world’s largest companies, then Survey Head is inviting you to join their online market research panel. As a member of this panel, you will be rewarded with cash payments for every study that you complete.  Signup Now and get $5.00 cash FREE in you Surveyhead rewards account.

Smile City Hot New Zealand
Smile City is one of those online market research and rewards websites that goes out of their way to provide you with points. By participating in their online surveys, email, and shopping programmes, points can then be transferred for a massive selection of gifts and prizes in their online catalogue.

Global Test Market United States Canada United Kingdom Australia International
Global Test Market provides it members with fun and interesting surveys that when completed participants are fairly rewarded for. If you are interested in earning a decent amount of pocket money for simply providing your opinion in a variety of online surveys, then Global Test Market has your answer. They will reward you with points for each survey that you complete, which can be cashed out once they reach the equivalent of $50.

Toluna Opinions New New Zealand International 
What makes the best community site for opinions? You and our other 2.5 million+ members worldwide! Earn $1-$5 each time you qualify and take surveys. Test products for free and share your opinions! Plus you will get an entry for a $5,000 sweepstakes when you register!

LiveTribe New  

Australia New Zealand

LiveTribe are seeking Australian and New Zealand residents, aged 14 years and over to assist them in their market research studies. By simply answering surveys and polls, and participating in discussions members are rewarded with a host of prizes, gift vouchers, lottery entries and cash prize draws.

Valued Opinions New Zealand International
If you are interested in sharing your views and opinions on a wide range of topics and issues, then Valued Opinions is inviting you to join their panel. As a member of this panel, you will be eligible to participate in surveys, the majority of which offer some form of financial reward.

Great NZ Survey New Zealand
If you live in New Zealand and you are interested in participating in a range of market research surveys from the comfort of your own home, then The Great New Zealand Survey is inviting you to register on their site. For each of their studies there is a significant cash prize draw held.

AC Nielsen Homescan New New Zealand International
Nielsen Home Scan is looking for consumers from around the world to join their consumer panel and participate in a range of interesting and unique research studies. They are primarily looking for people to scan the barcodes of recently bought items, and then complete brief online surveys afterwards.

Spider Metrix International
If you like the sound of earning cash for answering surveys, then take a look at the Spider Metrix. There, you can become a “Spider”, be sent survey invitations, and earn rewards for doing so. They pay in the region of $2 to $5 for regular surveys, up to $10 for the more complex ones.

Survey Savvy  International
Survey Savvy offers you a couple of ways to earn incentives for participating in their various online studies. You will earn cash incentives for each of their online surveys that you complete, and for each friend or family member that you refer to the programme. As a member, you will be automatically entered into their monthly draw.

Brand Power Home Tester Club Australia Canada United Kingdom Singapore South Africa New Zealand 
If you like the idea of receiving a variety of free product samples on a regular basis, then the Brand Power Home Tester Club might be what you’re looking for. They send out products to your home, after which you offer various feedback on them. From time to time, they will also offer the chance to enter promotions.

Tech-Facts New International
Tech-Facts need tech-professionals to participate in their research surveys. Your valuable insight and feedback will not only help the technology industry, it will help you earn cash rewards for doing so. For each completed survey Tech-Facts will credit your Tech-Facts account with cash; accrued until redemption via PayPal, online rewards with partners, or donations to charity. Join now and earn $10 just for signing up.

Caféstudy Australia New Zealand
Café is an online market research company based in Australia that is attempting to bring consumers and businesses together in their online community. They are looking for people to participate in their online surveys, which are short and to the point, and offer participants the chance to win a selection of monthly prizes.

ACNielsen's Your Voice New Zealand International
AC Nielsen’s Your Voice, offers citizens of Hong Kong and other selected countries the chance to win a selection of prizes for completing online surveys. Points are earned for each survey completed, which can be exchanged for various vouchers and prizes, and they also offer a quarterly cash prize draw.

Cash 4 Comments Australia New Zealand is a great way for citizens of Australia and New Zealand to earn a bit of pocket money just for opening their mouths. They offer up to $100 for participating in one of their focus groups or group discussions, which typically last between one and two hours.

Business-Influencers New United States Canada United Kingdom Australia International
Business Influencers are inviting business professionals to become a member of their online panel of survey participants. For each survey you take part in, you will receive cash rewards, which can be redeemed through their online partners; made as charitable donations to Charity Partners on your behalf, or paid directly to you via PayPal. Receive $10, credited to your Business Influencers account, just for joining.

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