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Justtheanswer is a UK market research company that offer paid surveys through their website The company is looking for people to join its market research panel and answer questions about various consumer products and services. Members of this panel will be rewarded for their participation in the form of answerpoints which can be converted for a variety of rewards.

The surveys are generally brief, but obviously vary from survey to survey. does, however, provide full details of estimated survey time, as well as the amount of points on offer, before the survey has commenced. To be eligible for these surveys you will need to join their online panel, once a member, Justtheanswer will send selected panelists an email whenever a new survey becomes available, with a link to the survey on the company’s website. Once the survey has been completed, the panelist will receive ‘answerpoints’, which can be built up over a period of time and exchanged for any of the rewards on offer.

Three different kinds of awards are available. Vouchers to can be claimed when a total of 500 answerpoints have been accumulated – which equates to a £5 online voucher. Users can also donate their earnings, for every 500 answerpoints earned, Justtheanswer will donate £5 on your behalf to a nominated charity. Finally, points can also be exchanged for entry into prize draws, and 50 answer points will enter you into draws for event tickets, holidays and entertainment technology.

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General Information

  • Accepts Members From: United Kingdom

  • Age Requirements: 16 years and over

  • Type of Rewards: Answerpoints that can be converted to Amazon vouchers, charity donations and prize draw entries.

  • Sweepstakes, Prize Draws or Competitions: Quarterly prize draw entered via converting answerpoints. Everyone who signs up to the panel or clicks through to a survey is entered into the monthly prize draw for an iPod shuffle.

  • What is The Minimum Payment. This is the Amount Needed to Request a Redemption or Payout: 50 answerpoints can be redeemed for a quarterly prize draw entry, 500 answerpoints can be redeemed for a £5 Amazon voucher, 500 answerpoints can be redeemed for a £5 charity donation.

Company Information

  • Physical Location of this Survey Company’s Office:

    Enterprise House, 1-2 Hatfields, London, SE1 9PG

  • Type of Market Research They Conduct: Online Surveys

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Member Ratings & Reviews


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Comments By: Allan From: United Kingdom
Comment: Just the Answer -


Just the Answer is a UK based market research company, a division of Aurora Market Research, and offering survey opportunities to around 100,000 panel members in the United Kingdom only. Panel members are invited to take surveys about various consumer products and services and are rewarded with “answerpoints” which can be redeemed in one of only three ways – more about this later.

Visiting takes me to a not unattractive Home page, predominantly shades of blue and green on a white background. An overview is presented together with clickable buttons:-
“Join Now” – which takes me through a sequence of registration screens requesting the usual information, email address, password, Name, address and postcode, gender, and DOB.
“More Info” – gives full details of how answerpoints can be used.
And for existing members “Enter Site”.

Having logged-in, the full website becomes available to me – a ribbon of clickable buttons near the top of the screen offers links to:-
“Home” – details of how Just the Answer works followed by details of the winner of the previous prize draw,
“answerpoints” – Here I am given the good news that by completing registration, I have been awarded 50 answerpoints. I am further told that by completing surveys I can typically earn between 50 and 100 answerpoints although some surveys earn up to 500 answerpoints.
“Rewards” – details how I can redeem my answerpoints. Just the Answer refers to this as “the tricky bit” – deciding how to spend them.

And they are right.

Here I discover I have a very limited choice. When I have accumulated only 50 answerpoints I can buy one entry into the prize draw to win “fabulous prizes”. Prizes, or to be more accurate “the prize” (apparently only one prize per draw) varies for each draw – the previous draw being an iPod Shuffle, and if I click the link on this page I am taken to the “Prize Draw Information” page where I learn that the prize for the next draw will be a Kindle Touch.
Several pages of the website present contradictory information about the frequency of the prize draw.
Some pages of the website claim that it is a monthly draw; other pages claim it is a quarterly prize draw. The “Prize Draw Information” page, which I assume can be taken as being the authoritative source of information, confirms that the draw is quarterly and actually states the closing date of the current as 1st October.
But it obvious that some of the website pages are very misleading,
My second redemption choice for 500 answerpoints is a donation of GBP5 to Macmillan Cancer Support. Links are provided to other pages detailing the work that Macmillan does and also a link to the Macmillan website itself.
The Macmillan website does provide a list of corporate donors but “Just the Answer” is not amongst them.
My third redemption choice, again for 500 answerpoints is a GBP5 Amazon voucher.
“FAQs” - a comprehensive list,
“Contact Us” – No secrets here, full details provided, email address, postal address and even telephone and fax numbers, plus a link to the parent Company website,
“About Us” – provides information about the functionality of Just the Answer rather than the organisation itself,
“Privacy Policy” – always worth a read,
“T’s & C’s” – comprehensive details, again, always worth a read as the following information will show. It is worth emphasising here the following clause extracted from the T’s & C’s:- “Any member of the Just the Answer panel who does not respond to any surveys in a twelve month period…. ….will be classed as inactive. Aurora Market Research reserves the right to reset the answerpoints balance of inactive panellists to 0”.
“Lost Password” – self-explanatory.

Since joining Just the Answer in April 2010, I have successfully completed only 10 surveys and managed to redeem my answerpoints only once. After five weeks I had still not received my electronic Amazon voucher. I eventually received it four days after emailing support, the claimed reason being a “technical problem”.

The earning potential is very consistent, earning 25 answerpoints for each five minutes, making Just the Answer an average earner:-
5 minutes = 25 answerpoints = GBP0.25
10 minutes = 50 answerpoints = GBP0.50
15 minutes = 75 answerpoints = GBP0.75
20 minutes = 100 answerpoints = GBP1.00
35 minutes = 175 answerpoints = GBP1.75.

I occasionally experience problems when using FireFox to complete surveys from Just the Answer, I find that buttons and links sometimes do not work.
I also had problems reading email survey invitations received from “Just the Answer” within Outlook. Upon attempting to open an invitation, Outlook would become very slow and unresponsive. Eventually managing to delete the email, Outlook would return to normal operation.
I reported the problem to Support as I was curious to know if any other members who use Outlook were experiencing the same problem. I did not receive the courtesy of a reply.
I eventually overcame the problem by changing my registered email address to a web-based email address.

During my two year+ membership of Just the Answer I have met a number of technical problems which I wouldn’t normally expect to meet. I have noticed that survey invitations are not very frequent and earning potential is very low.
The choices offered for redemption of my answerpoints are extremely limited. The only real choice is the Amazon voucher, but then the challenge is finding something on Amazon that I want to buy for GBP5.

I hope my review has helped you decide whether to join Just the Answer.


Date: Jul 31, 2012

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