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Panelbase claims to be one of the fastest growing research communities on the internet, which can only be a good thing for people who are prepared to provide their opinions on a range of products, services and other topical issues.

As a registered user on, you’ll get the opportunity to earn rewards for participating in a variety of ways. For every survey that you complete, you will be rewarded in one of two ways. A selection of questionnaires will earn rewards between £0.50 and £3, which will be added to a online account. In addition to this, other surveys sometimes include entry into one of a couple of prize draws, which offer a variety of prizes, from cases of wine, to iPods and plasma TVs. will allow you to cash your earnings once you’ve earned a total of £10, which can either be in the form of money or as high-street vouchers. An added bonus is the fact that the money you earn can be paid directly into your bank account, and doesn’t always have to be spent on predetermined vouchers. If you’re more into helping others, the website also gives you the chance to donate your earnings to the World Wildlife Fund, British Red Cross, or Oxfam.

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General Information

  • Accepts Members From: United Kingdom, United States

  • Age Requirements: 16

  • Type of Rewards: Cash paid into your bank account.

  • Sweepstakes, Prize Draws or Competitions: Draws for iPods, cases of wine and televisions.

  • What is The Minimum Payment. This is the Amount Needed to Request a Redemption or Payout: £10.

Company Information

  • Physical Location of this Survey Company’s Office:

    The mill
    Hexham business park
    Burn lane
    Northumberlandne46 3ru

  • Type of Market Research They Conduct: Online surveys, offline surveys and sms polls.

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Member Ratings & Reviews


Write a review based on your experiences with this paid surveys panel to be entered into our monthly draw for $50 Cash, 2 runners up will also receive $20 Cash each (Payments are made via PayPal). Read the full Terms & Conditions for this contest. See our previous Winners.


Overall Rating:
Survey Frequency:
Survey Incentives:
Panel Legitimacy:
Comments By: Allan From: United Kingdom
Comment: Panelbase -

Hi, is an online research panel operating since 2005 and is a division of Dipstick Research Limited, a full-service market research agency based in the UK since 1997. offers its members surveys completed mostly online, but also telephone surveys, mobile surveys (SMS and WAP), postal surveys, focus groups and product testing. Rewards are offered for successfully completing surveys which is most often cash but could be an entry into a prize draw to win any of a range of prizes – more about this later.
The site is mainly aimed at the United Kingdom and the USA but will extend to Canada and Europe “in the future”.

Visiting the recently redesigned website presents me with a very attractive, clearly designed and colourful home page and provides a selection of buttons leading to:-
“About us” – a very good outline of, their parent Company, how they function, information about rewards and prizes. Also states that they are a Market Research Society Company partner and adhere to the MRS Code of Conduct and ESOMAR guidelines. So, everything necessary to validate their legitimacy.
“Rewards” – Most surveys reward me with between GBP0.25 and GBP10. I have never seen a GBP10 reward but rewards can be very generous, here are some examples from my most recent survey history:-

05 mins - GBP0.50
10 mins - GBP1.00
20 mins - GBP2.00
35 mins - GBP3.50

Upon accumulating 10GBP in my account I can redeem my earnings as cash into my bank account (UK only), Love2Shop vouchers or a donation to a charity such as World Wildlife Fund, British Red Cross or Oxfam.
A reward could also be an entry into a prize draw rather than cash but this works differently on compared to the usual system. When a prize draw entry is offered as the reward for a survey, then the prize draw is specific to that particular survey project. Prize draws are usually completed within fourteen days of the survey project ending and the results having been verified.
Winners are said to be advised directly and also claimed to be available on the website in the “winners section”.
As yet, I have not been able to find the winners section nor any links to it.

“Register” – Where I supply my personal details and also specify the type of surveys I am interested in such as Internet, Telephone, SMS, Focus Groups, Postal and Product Testing.
“FAQ” – A good collection of FAQs which should answer most peoples questions.
“Contact us” – keep no secrets, here are provided full legal information, a full postal address, an email address and a freephone (UK only) telephone number.

Logging into my account takes me to my Home page, here lies a summary of my account credit status and a row of buttons providing access to:-
“My Details” - Contains my personal and profile information such as; TV preferences, sport interests, health and fitness etc – (in fact nineteen different categories) which I can complete or update by clicking on each of the categories in that section. Completing my profiles ensures that I am sent survey invitations which are best suited to me personally according to my properly completed profiles and so reduces the chances of being screened out.
“My credits” - Displays information about my rewards balance, surveys I have taken part in (including mini surveys) and the status of any withdrawal of rewards from my account.
“Recommend” - Allows me to recommend to my friends. For each friend who registers, GBP0.20 is added to my rewards balance.
“Help” - Provides answers to a range of questions that I may have about This page includes questions about/issues with surveys.

I joined in November 2008, since then I have been able to withdraw my rewards only twice giving me a total of GBP20.50 but I am more than half way to another withdrawal. I have withdrawn my earnings both for cash to my bank account which took the usual few days and for Love2Shop vouchers which took eleven days.

Surveys from are by no means prolific and are very sporadic. I receive, on average, about one each month, but in my experience I could receive three or four invitations in one month and then I may receive none for two or three months. Screen-out rates are quite high and since surveys range from the short and sweet low earners for GBP0.50 to more complex surveys where I can earn several GBPs, can be an average earner over a long period. Rewards are credited to my account reliably and promptly and withdrawals are trouble-free and completed fairly quickly. is a fair and legitimate survey site but a little patience is necessary waiting for the rewards to accumulate and reach that much sought after 10GBP withdrawal threshold.

I hope my review has helped you decide whether to join

Date: Dec 31, 2011

Overall Rating:
Survey Frequency:
Survey Incentives:
Panel Legitimacy:
Comments By: Felicity C. From: United Kingdom
Comment: I have been registered with panelbase for around two-three weeks now, and out of the five-six survey websites I have tried over this time-period this is the best so far.

The frequency of the surveys is pretty good, they put new ones up every couple of days sometimes every day, and I qualify for around 50% of them.

The incentives are pretty good. Every time you complete a mini survey you get entered into their prize draw. For the questionnaires your incentive is usually £1. The questionnaires are smooth, easy to navigate, and don't require too much effort. You also get £3 just for signing up.

There is a long personal profile involved probably longer than any other websites, but due to the questionnaire frequency after that, I have no complaints. You also get 20p for any recommendations you make that sign up.

My favourite part of this website though is the fact that you only need to collect £10 to claim your money. That's the lowest I have come across so far, and with the £3 boost at the beginning plus £1 per most surveys, it won't take long to get to. I have already got to £4.20 and I have only had this profile a couple of weeks.

The only negative thing I have to say about it so far is the technical hitches that they've had since they put up a new layout. The technical team were very fast responding and good but it's still a little glichy. Once they get past that this site will be one of my favourites.
Date: Aug 23, 2011

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