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American Consumer Opinion® International
American Consumer Opinion is currently running a number of market research projects in most countries around the world, all of which offer cash compensation. Online surveys will earn anything from a prize to cash rewards, while focus groups can earn upwards of $25 each time panelist participate. Monthly draws are available just for joining the program.

AmpSurveys United States
AmpSurveys offers a wide range of online surveys and studies that will help shape the future of various products and services throughout the world, all survey participants will stand the chance to win a range of exciting prizes, consider registering with AmpSurveys, where they offer all of the above. United States
Amplitude Research is looking for managers and those working in the field of technology to complete their various online surveys on a range on different topics. They’ll pay you for your time in gift vouchers for and Target, which may reach up to $10 at a time.

Analyze Australia
If you live in the Sydney area, are willing to share your opinion in an informal environment and would like to get paid for it, then Analyze Recruitment might have the answer. will pay $50 for the 1.5 hour sessions, which are open to people from all walks of life.

Angus Reid Forum Canada
If you’re keen to shape products and services in Canada, then the Angus Reid Forum is willing to pay you to do so. They offer points for each survey you answer, which can be cashed out when you reach $50. They’ll also enter you into their sweepstakes for cash and various vouchers and prizes.

Anketka Russia International
Anketka connects people of Russia and former USSR countries with companies conducting market research studies. Each online survey you complete can earn you rewards of at least 50 rubles, with rewards being accrued until such time as payout is requested. Payments can be made via mail or through electronic funds transfer, or there is also the option to donate your rewards to a chosen charity.

Answers & Insights United States
Answers and Insights is a market research firm that offers a variety of different research related services. This includes the design and implementation of research projects, as well as the capturing of data and analysis. They are always looking for people to participate, and interested parties must sign up on the website.

AOC Research United States
If you live in the metro area of Charlotte, North Carolina, then AOC Research might be interested in paying you for your opinion. They conduct a variety of different market research, including focus groups, interviews, taste tests and music evaluations, all of which are conducted out of their state of the art facilities in NC.

Arachnea International is looking for people to participate in their brief online survey, which generally revolves around questions pertaining to technology and the internet. The survey will take no more than 2 minutes to complete, and the website does not make any mention of potential compensation.

Ascendancy Research United States
If you live in the Downtown Minneapolis region and are willing to participate in a selection of market research projects, then Ascendancy Research may be interested in recruiting you. They are mainly concerned with in-person focus groups, and details of rewards and compensation are unavailable on their website.

Ask America United States International
Few online market research companies offer cash compensation based on an hourly rate. Ask America, however, is willing to compensate participants in their online surveys up to $30 per hour for doing so. Cash is paid out each Friday, and surveys are all available online through their straightforward website.

Ask Miami United States
Ask Miami is looking for people who live in Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe counties to participate in their various market research projects. These primarily include focus groups, interviews and previews, which are conducted in-person at their Miami facilities. They are willing to compensate participants for their time.

Asking Canadians Canada
Asking Canadians is an online market research organization that is based in Canada, and they are always looking for new people to join their online community and participate in their various online studies. Participation in every survey will earn you Hbc Reward points, which can be redeemed online.

AskMe Consumer Panel United States
Advertising Agency, Rosenthal Partners developed the Ask Me® Consumer Panel with the aim to provide their clients with real consumer opinions. It is through participation in their surveys and opinion polls, that you can make a difference. By simply answering questions and giving your honest opinions just a few times a year, you could help to shape the goods and services that you and the world community use every day.

Ask Southern California United States
Ask Social is looking for people to join its localized market research panel. They are looking for people in the Southern California region to travel through to their facilities in Orange County to take part in various different projects, including simulated juries and mystery shopping.

Asq Y Online Netherlands
Asq Y Online connects you with paid survey opportunities that not only help you earn rewards for your efforts, but also helps the companies that produce the products and services we use on a daily basis. You valuable consumer insights could help to shape future products and services, both locally and globally.

Assistance in Marketing United States
If you’re willing to share your opinion with a market research company that has a nationwide network of high-quality facilities, then head through to Assistance in Marketing’s website and register. They are primarily concerned with focus groups and interviews, and you must live within the listed US states to participate.

Athena Market Research United States
Athena Market Research operate out of offices in Riverside, California, and they’re looking to grow their number of local market research panelists. They are mainly concerned with focus groups and interviews, and are willing to pay cash for your opinions on the various products and services of their clients.

Atkins Research Group United States
Atkins Market Research Group conducts just about every form of market research from their Los Angeles offices, and they’re willing to reward people who participate in these. Projects include one-on-one interviews, taste tests, product placements, medical and clinical trials, audits, focus groups, radio listening and in-depth medical and executive interviewing.

Attention & Perception Lab United States
The University of California, San Diego, currently has a number of interesting experiments on the go, and they’re looking for people willing to participate in them. They generally involve lab experiments that require you to complete set tasks, and some of them are rewarded with entries into draws for cash prizes.

Attitudes Across America United States
Attitudes Across America offers a nice way to share your opinions on a variety of products and services that you encounter every day, through their simple online questionnaires. They’ll typically reward participation with online vouchers, the value of which depends on the nature of each specific survey.

Augar Market Sweden
Augar Market is a market research firm that specializes in both consumer, and business to business research studies. They offer paid research studies to consumers who sign up to participate in these studies. Registration is available through their website by simply completing and submitting their online form.

Austin Market Research United States
People living in the Austin, Texas region of the United States are encouraged to register to become a part of Austin Market Research’s various projects via their website This will include focus groups, interviews, intercepts, and usability moderation. Interested parties will have to provide the company with various personal details.

Australian Lifestyle Survey Australia
The Australian Lifestyle Survey is looking for people to participate in its online survey. They are offering a nice selection of prizes for Australian citizens over the age of 18, including home theatre systems, cash prizes, video cameras and laptops. This specific selection of prizes is available until July 31st. Australia
If you are currently living in Australia, then wants you to share your opinions on a variety of topics, products and services. All research takes place online, and the surveys are short and generally entertaining. They will reward participants with prize draw entries, and will occasionally pay cash compensation.

Australia Survey Panel Australia
If you are an Australian citizen, and you are looking to make a little bit of cash on the side simply by sharing your opinions on various products and services, then the Australia Survey Panel is inviting you to become a member. As a member, you will be contacted regularly with a range of surveys, many of which offer cash rewards.

Autohaus Panel Germany Switzerland Austria
Autohuas Panel is open for membership to persons within the automotive industry. It serves as an information platform, and a way to gauge trends within the industry through its members completing online surveys. Each survey also earns members rewards that come in the form of Panel Miles that are exchangeable for store vouchers, electronic goods, or charitable donations.

Avastra Clinical Trials United States
Avastra Clinical Trials is seeking participants for their medical trials. Each participant will receive free personalized medical treatment, as well as free study medication and laboratory tests. All benefits and risks are fully explained before a participant agrees to take part, and all participants will be fully monitored by board-certified physicians throughout the trial. By participating in an Avastra Clinical Trial you will help to increase knowledge on the subject, and potentially help to develop new therapies and treatments for it.

AvisPanel France
AvisPanel are seeking the assistance of French residents aged 15 years or older to participate in paid online surveys. These surveys are used to gauge consumer reaction and insights on a range of goods and services. Participants earn rewards that are paid out in Euros via checks.

B&B Research United States
B & B Research is looking for people to join their online database of market research panelists. This database is only open to people over the age of 18 who live in the United States, and will typically involve answering brief online surveys, which will often offer rewards.

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