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BabyCenter® Panel United States
The 21st Century Mom™ BabyCenter® Panel is an online community of moms, sharing opinions and advice on all things parenting. As an active member of this community you will be asked to participate in online surveys, which could earn you rewards of cash, online gift certificates and other prizes. There is also the chance to win $100 just for becoming a new member. Get paid for your valuable opinions and great mom advice by becoming a 21st Century Mom™ BabyCenter® Panel member.

Baby Einstein Parents Panel United States Canada
The Baby Einstein Parents Panel is open to parents, caregivers and parents-to-be the opportunity to participate in paid surveys and polls. Members receive rewards of Baby Einstein products as reward for their contributions. There is also a Parents Forum and bulletin board for parents to discuss and debate baby related issues that are relevant to them.

Baker St. Solutions United States
Baker Street Solutions is a market research firm that is looking for people from all walks of life to join their online database of survey panelists. They mainly conduct in person research, which includes focus groups, interviews and intercepts. They make no mention of compensation for participation.

Baltimore Research United States
Baltimore Research is looking for people to join their market research database through their website. They are looking for the people from Baltimore and surrounding regions to participate in their in-person research, including focus groups and interviews.

BarTrender Lounge New United States
Bartender Lounge is where employed bartenders can sign on to participate in paid market research studies to assist in the future developments of their industry. Get paid points that are exchangeable for Cash Payments via check for completing surveys and referring new members. Gain an entry into a drawing for $500 just for signing up through their online registration form.

Bay Area Marketing Research United States
The Bay Area Marketing Research Company conducts a number of focus groups each year, and they are looking for local resident to participate in this research. They also offer a select number of other research projects, including online surveys that offer certain rewards, details of which are unavailable.

Bay Area Research Institute United States
Bay Area Research Institute conducts clinical trials of new and investigational medications. Primarily focused on psychiatric disorders, their research has even led to the approval and launch of new medications for better treatment options. If you are interested in participating in their clinical trials, simply contact them to discuss your eligibility. If you do enter a trial, you can expect to receive detailed diagnostic evaluations, procedures and medications at no cost to you.

BBC World Panel International
There are few better ways to share your opinion with a market research company and watch it play out in front of you, than by joining a television market research panel. The BBC World Panel wants you to share your opinion on their channel, through online surveys, which will impact the product you see on your television.

Become A Heinz Adviser United States
Heinz is always trying to perfect their product and brand as a whole, and they are looking to consumers of their products for assistance. They offer two ways to get involved with their various research projects – through their online surveys and in-person at their test center, both of which offer rewards.

BeginSurvey United States conducts a number of online, web surveys that are custom built to each client’s specifications. They are looking for people to join their panel, who will be contacted with relevant surveys when they become available. Although unspecified, they do make reference to rewards being offered for participation.

Behavior Research Center United States
Bellwether Surveys is looking for people to participate in their various online surveys and discussion groups. They are interested in gathering the opinions and feedback for market research purposes, and they claim that your answers will be used on a consumer basis.

Be Heard Worldwide New United States
Be Heard Worldwide is an online community of consumers that share their honest opinions on consumer products and services through surveys, forums, and in-depth interviews. Participation in these market research activities then earns members the opportunity to be rewarded with cash, coupons, gift certificates and more. Membership registration is available through the ‘Join in’ page of the Be Heard Worldwide website.

Bellwether Surveys United States
Bellwether Surveys is looking for people to participate in their various online surveys and discussion groups. They are interested in gathering the opinions and feedback for market research purposes, and they claim that your answers will be used on a consumer basis.

Benchpoint International, an online survey, market research and data consultancy organization, offers both email-based rewards programs for individual users, and survey packages for third party companies and organizations. Prizes are not listed, and according to the company, contact with users will be kept to a minimum.

Bergen vDICE Lab Germany International
The Bergen vDice Lab conducts various online surveys, questionnaires and tests in which you will be required to share your opinion and knowledge on various topics. This scientific research project will reward you for your participation in their studies, and you can expect rewards of small gifts, money or research reports as compensation.

BESTMARK United States
BestMark is a market research organization based in the United States that is primarily interested in conducting mystery shopping programs throughout the country. They are looking for honest and dependable people to participate in these mystery shopping studies, and they offer rewards in the form of cash payments or reimbursement for money spent.

Beta Research International
Beta Research offers a selection of rewards and prizes for consumers willing to offer opinions and feedback on various products and services. The surveys are all online, and are rewarded with automatic entries into a quarterly prize draw for a Sony Playstation and four prizes of various consumer electronics.

Beta Test Beauty United States Canada
Beta Test Beauty Panel helps to connect beauty industry manufacturers with their customers through opinion-based research studies, clinical trials, and product testing. Participants in these studies receive $10-50USD for each completed study, as well as free samples through product trials. Panel membership is open to USA and Canadian residents aged 18 years or older.

Big Fish Games Research International
If you are a fan of online gaming, and from time to time you visit the popular Big Fish Games website, then they are interested in getting in touch with you to ask you a few questions regarding your opinion and personal gaming habits. In exchange for this information, they will reward you with cash or other incentives.

Big Look International offers several online surveys each month for those people who have joined their database through their website. Participation in these surveys, which last between 5 and 15 minutes, will reward participants in either cash or prizes. Surveys are all online, and invitations are sent out via email regularly.

Big Research United States
Big Research is currently in the midst of their Spring Sweepstakes, in which they are giving away cash to all people who participate in their online research. Their research is conducted through online surveys, and primarily involves understanding the habits of shoppers and their reactions to advertising campaigns.

bioStrategies Market Research United States
The BioStrategies Group is specifically looking for professionals in the healthcare field to assist them with their market research on a variety of levels. They are looking for people happy to assist them in focus groups, site visits and online surveys, details of which are available on their website,

Blarry House Research United States
Blarry House Research is offering an attractive package to people residing in the United States who are willing to participate in various qualitative research projects. Involvement in their focus groups, teleconferences, interviews and online groups will reward you with cash for your participation, typically between $40 and $150 per session.

BlauwNL Netherlands
BlauwNL is a Dutch consumer panel conducting surveys into consumer goods and services. Participants are members of the consumer public that volunteer their time and contribute their opinions for prize rewards. Membership is open to residents of the Netherlands who are aged 14 years or older.

Blue Bunny iScream Team United States
Blue Bunny ice cream is always looking for new ways to refine their product, service and advertising campaigns, and because of this they have initiated their iScream Panel. Panel members will be required to complete online surveys, offer opinions in focus groups and attend taste tests from time to time.

B-More Informed United States
B-More Informed is a market research company based in Baltimore, USA that is specifically concerned with organizing and facilitating various focus groups. These are conducted out of their Baltimore offices, and they are willing to pay anything between $75 and $125 cash to each focus group participant.

Bonopolis Germany Switzerland Austria
Bonopolis is an online panel of consumers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland who volunteer to contribute their honest opinions in paid market research studies. These studies are conducted via online surveys or through Studio Tests. Panelists can receive rewards through direct bank transfer, or donate their earnings to charity.

Boulder Focus Center United States
The Boulder Research Center is looking for people interested in assisting them in market research. This research usually takes the form of focus groups, surveys or take- home questionnaires. All of these are rewarded with either cash (up to $100 for the focus groups) or merchandise for the shorter projects.

Bowen Research United States
Bowen Research have the great job of testing a bunch of consumer electronic goods that are about to be released on the market, and they need your help in guiding them with critical feedback and opinions. They need people to test games, contribute to online chats and complete online surveys, which are rewarded with cash and prizes.

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