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Cure Pursuit United States
If you are interested in assisting Cure Pursuit in their various medical and healthcare research, which is either in the form of online surveys or clinical trials, then they are willing to offer you some form of compensation, either in the form of cash or a subscription to their web search tool.

CVopinions United States
CVopinions is a standard online market research organization that is looking to grow their online panel of research participants. They are currently looking for people to participate in a variety of online surveys, which will earn participants points, which can ultimately be redeemed for cash once a total of 15,000 points has been reached.

CVS Advisor United States
If you have a CVS ExtraCare account, or are interested in getting one, then you can earn additional credits for it just by answering a few questions on the CVS Advisor Panel website. They are willing to reward people with up to $10 in ExtraBucks for each online survey completed.

CyberEdge International
If you are in the field of either visual stimulation or virtual reality, then CyberEdge is looking to get your opinions and insights on a number of industry related topics. They are looking for people to conduct various tests and provide feedback on a number of related issues, which will earn participants access to research results.

CyberPulse International
If you are interested in participating in a selection of brief, straightforward market research studies, and being rewarded for doing so, then CyberPulse is interested in having you join their panel. They offer entries into draws for cash prizes for those who participate in their online surveys, with prizes up to $100.

Cypher Research United States Canada
Cypher Research offers a great way for American and Canadian citizens to earn cash for sharing their opinions. They are currently recruiting people for their focus groups and discussions, for which they are willing to pay participants between $50 and $150, depending on their exact nature and length.

Daily Makeover Beauty Board International
Join the Daily Makeover Beauty Board to participate in paid market research studies, like surveys and opinion polls on consumer products and services. Receive cash rewards for each survey you complete or exchange your rewards for Gift Cards and charitable donations. Plus receive a bonus of $5USD just for registering as a panel member.

Daily Survey Panel International
The Daily Survey Panel is an online market research company that is looking for people to participate in their various online surveys. They have a unique rotation system that makes it possible to complete surveys on an almost daily basis, and each survey earns participants points, which can be redeemed for rewards once a total of 200 has been reached.

Dallas By Definition United States
Dallas By Definition may be a new name, but they still promise the same professionalism and service previously offered by Dallas Focus. They are offering participants in their various programs some form of cash compensation, which varies according to their specific nature. They are recruiting for these studies via their new website.

Datatelligence Online United States Canada United Kingdom Australia International
Datatelligence is a market research company that is recruiting people through their website to join their online market research panel, which would offer members the chance to participate in surveys, product tests and focus groups and earn either cash or point rewards for doing so, depending on their exact nature.

Davis Research United States
If you live in the Los Angeles area, and are interested in participating in a variety of studies and market research projects, then Davis Research is interested in signing you up. They conduct a variety of different studies, and particularly need people to assist them in focus groups and surveys.

DBY Research Australia
DBY Research is looking for people from across Australia to participate in their Australian Meal Panel. Participation in this panel will involve the completion of a monthly online survey, about your various food and eating habits. The panel will pay $5 per completed questionnaire, and those that participate for three consecutive months will be entered into a $1000 draw.

Decision Drivers United States
If you live in the Berges County region of New Jersey, and are interested in participating in a selection of market research studies from the comfort of high tech facilities, then it might be worth your while submitting the online registration form located on their website, which will make you eligible for future studies.

Delve United States
Delve is one of those market research companies that is involved in many different types of market research. At present, however, they are particularly interested in recruiting people for their various focus groups, which pay participants anything between $50 and $200 in cash, depending on the nature of each study.

Diagnostics Plus United States
If you are in the healthcare or human resources and training professionals industry, then you can earn cash by participating in Diagnostics Plus’ various marketing resource studies. They will pay each panel member, cash for each study participated in with the amounts ranging from $25 to $250, depending on the individual project.

Dialego New United Kingdom Switzerland International
Dialego is an online survey website that offers interested parties the opportunity to complete surveys in exchange for various cash or voucher payouts. Dialego will award you points for participation in their online surveys. These points can be redeemed for vouchers or cash payments transferred directly into your bank account.

Digi Panel Netherlands
Digi Panel was created in 2005 by the Central Environmental Foundation to gain insight into the energy and environmental issues faced by residents of the Netherlands. Membership to the panel is open to all residents of the Netherlands aged 16 years and over, who have access to the internet. International
If you enjoy eating, and who doesn’t, then you can contribute to a global network of restaurant reviewers at This online community of reviewers has become one of the most comprehensive, and relies on regular people to contribute. As a member, you also stand in line to win token prizes, like t-shirts and memberships.

Directive Analytics United States International
Directive Analytics is looking to grow their specialist panels of market researchers. They are currently looking for anyone from regular consumers to mothers and business professionals to participate in their various research projects, and they will reward panel members with points that can be exchanged for cash and prizes.

Director Research Panel United States
Corporate Board Member magazine is looking for top business directors of companies traded on NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX to help drive the editorial content of the magazine by answering two short surveys each year. As a reward, Each panel member will be given free access to our upcoming webinar series, which will cover a variety of topics designed to help directors better fulfill their fiduciary duties. Plus, each panelist will receive a 30% discount off the standard rate of any 2010 Corporate Board Member magazine conference.

Disney Online Research Panel United States Canada United Kingdom Australia International
The Disney Online Research Panel is looking for people to sign up as a panel member, and participate in their various online market research projects. These projects, usually online surveys, will take no more than 20 minutes, and will award you points that can be transferred for gift vouchers or donations to charity.

DMD Surveys United States is a great way for those in the healthcare industry, including retail and hospital pharmacists, physicians, distributors and other related professionals to get involved in the future of their industry. They request that people log on to the site and assist them in answering their online surveys, although no rewards are mentioned. Survey Panel United States
If you are willing to become a member of the online survey panel, answer various questions and participate in various other market research projects, then you will have the opportunity to earn some nice rewards, including free healthcare products and entry into a draw for a cash sum, or a holiday in the Bahamas.

DollarSurveys United States is pretty simple. There is no registration, minimum payouts, gimmicks or gambles. Just enter your PayPal-enabled email address and we'll send you directly to a survey. Qualify for and complete the entire survey, and we will send a $1.00 payment to your PayPal email address within a week. You can complete as many surveys as you would like. You will be paid $1.00 for each survey you complete.

Donow Research United States
Donow Research is a comprehensive market research organization, and they conduct a wide range of studies into numerous different industries and on a variety of topics. They are looking for people who are interested in participating in these studies which offer cash compensation, to sign up on their website.

Draft N' Drag United States
If you love stock car racing, and are willing to share your opinion on a range of topics relating to the sport, then Draft N’ Drag is the website to visit. They offer the chance to interact with others in their online community, and by answering surveys related to the stock car racing industry, you earn points redeemable for various prizes.

DRI Digital Research Panel United States
Digital Research Inc is a market research organization with a special interest in conducting research that centers on the technology industry. They are looking for people interested in participating in a variety of research surveys to sign up, and earn entries into sweepstakes simply by completing online surveys.

DrugVoice United States
DrugVoice is a fairly traditional market research organization that specializes in conducting research into the healthcare industry. They regularly conduct a variety of online surveys that relate to this industry, which are at present uncompensated. As soon as registration is open for future studies, interested parties can register for them online.

Dubit Informer United Kingdom
Dubit Informer will pay youth cash for opinions and feedback generally relating to market research issues. Prizes vary from between 50p and 2 for standard surveys, and merchandise is potentially on offer for those participating in user-feedback programs. Anyone can join, provided consent is provided from parents.

Dunkin’ Advisory Panel United States
Dunkin’ Donuts, one of the United States’ most popular donut stores, is looking for people to join their online advisory panel, and assist them in various aspects of the company. By participating in online surveys and panels, you will be able to assist them while earning a selection of rewards at the same time.

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