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IK ZIE HET ZO Netherlands
IK ZIE HET ZO is an online panel of residents form the Netherlands, who have signed up to take part in consumer market research studies conducted through online surveys. Share your opinions and be rewarded with points that are transferrable for charitable donations or gifts , made available through an online store.

Images USA United States
Become a panel member of IMAGES USA to participate in focus groups on consumer goods and services. Share your honest opinions and gain cash rewards for doing so. Membership is available to residents of Atlanta, as the focus groups conducted are held onsite at IMAGES USA facilities.

Imaginators United States
Sign on with Imaginators to contribute your ideas and opinions for cash payments through market research activities. Earn $15-$200 per study you take part in, and gain satisfaction in helping other consumers like yourself to have goods and services that they really want. Register your interest by sending an enquiry to the email address provided onsite.

IMAS Online Poland
IMAS Online is an online panel of Polish residents aged 16 years and older. Their members have voluntarily signed on to participate in online surveys to gather their thoughts and opinions on a range of topics, in aid of consumer market research. Members are rewarded for taking part in these surveys through points which are transferrable for cash vouchers or charitable donations.

In Focus, Inc United States
In Focus is a fairly typical market research organization that is based in Little Rock, Arkansas. They are primarily concerned with in-person market research, and at present the majority of their research is in the form of focus groups. They are looking for people who are interested in joining these groups to sign up on their website.

Inbox Dollars United States
InboxDollars wants to pay YOU! They pay members to read e-mail, take surveys, play games, shop online, and more! Signup today for FREE and start getting paid! As a special bonus, new enrollees will get $5 just for joining!

Inbox Pays United States
Inbox Pays is where you can earn cash rewards for participating in online surveys, product trials, reading emails, playing online games, and so much more. Get paid cash rewards into your PayPal account for completing offers. Membership is available to residents of the USA, who sign up through their online registration form.

IndiaSpeaks India
IndiaSpeaks is an online market research organization based in India, and they are looking for consumers throughout that country to participate in various studies. The majority of these studies are in the form of online surveys, and many offer rewards, depending on their length and complexity.

Indiefield United Kingdom
Indifield is a company that specializes in gathering market research information for large companies and organizations. The website does not offer surveys or rewards direct to the public, however, but rather specializes in forming such programs for other companies to run as their own.

Info-net Market Research Australia
Info-Net is a market research organization that has offices throughout Australia, and they are continuously trying to expand their database of market research panel members and respondents. If you live in Australia, and are interested in participating in group discussions, then they are recruiting via their website.

Infoco United States
Infoco is a vast market research company. They offer a full range of market research services for companies throughout the United States, and they are always looking to grow their panel of research respondents. If you are interested in participating in anything from in-depth interviews to focus groups, you can register on their website.

InfoNet Research United States
InfoNet Research is a fairly typical online market research organization. They conduct studies into a number of different fields, and they are currently looking for people to join their online database and from time to time participate in these studies. All research participation earns respondents cash rewards, as opposed to gifts and vouchers.

Ingather Research United States
Ingather Research is a fairly standard market research firm. They are based in Denver, Colorado, and from their offices in this state they conduct a wide range of research studies and projects. These include focus groups, one on one interviews, mock juries as well as taste tests.

In-Home Product Testing United States
If you are interested in participating in a variety of in-home product tests, then In Home Product Testing is interested in you. They are looking for people to assist them in a variety of studies across a number of different fields, which will primarily take the form of product tests and trials.

Inmersol International
Inmersol are inviting people who live within the Northern, Southern and Central regions of America to become members of their market research panel. Membership is available online by completing their online registration form. As a member you can take part in consumer market research and be rewarded with cash and prizes for doing so. Register now and start getting paid for your opinions.

Innovative Concepts United States
Innovative Concepts is a diverse and experienced market research organization that is based in New York, USA. They are equipped to conduct a wide range of research services from these facilities, including telephonic interviews, focus groups, internet surveys and usability tests, although no recruiting is done directly through their website.

Inquision Australia
If you are interested in participating in various online surveys and studies, then Inquisition is inviting you to register as a member of their online market research panel. They conduct a range of interesting studies via their website, and for each study completed; you will be entered into a prize draw.

InsideHeads United States
InsideHeads is an experienced market research company that has the ability to conduct a variety of professional online market research projects. They are looking for people who are interested in assisting them in these projects to join their database and participate in surveys and focus groups, each of which offers some form of cash draw or reward.

Insight Exchange Team United States
If you are interested in sharing your opinion on a range of topics to some of the world’s largest companies, then Insight Exchange is inviting you to join their Insight Exchange Team. As a member of this team, you will be eligible to participate in various online surveys and studies in exchange for report results and points redeemable for prizes.

InsightExpress United States Canada
InsightExpress is a professional and well respected market research organization that has offices throughout the United States. They conduct a variety of research projects and studies, and they always welcome new members to their online panel. Most surveys are short and straightforward.

Insights Research Center United States
Insights Research Center is a premier research facility that is located in Memphis, Tennessee. From this location they conduct a wide variety of studies, including in-person interviews and focus groups, and they are always looking for people from all walks of life to participate in their various research projects, which occasionally offer some form of reward.

Insights Research-Florida United States
If you currently reside in the Florida region, and are interested in participating in various market research studies for a selection of cash based incentives, then Insights-Research Florida is the company to go to. From their Florida facilities, they conduct a wide range of services, including focus groups, interviews and mock juries.

InspiredOpinions New United States
InspiredOpinions is an online community of persons from the United States who have volunteered to participate in paid market research activities like focus groups, telephone interviews and online surveys. Members earn Opinion Rewards Points for participating in a study and providing their honest opinions, which can later be exchanged for Gift Cards.

In-Stat Technology Adoption Panel United States
In-Stat is a technology centered market research and communications company, and they have recently set up their Technology Adoption Panel in order to facilitate the various researches that they intend conducting in this field. Studies are typically in the form of online surveys, and participation in these is on an entirely voluntary basis.

IntelliSurvey United States
IntelliSurvey is a specialist market research organization that conducts a wide number of market research surveys under both their own brand or those of their clients. They are currently looking for people to participate in their own online surveys, which are typically brief and entertaining, and many of which offer some form of compensation.

Interactive Opinions Australia International
Interactive Opinions is an Australian based market research organization that is looking for people to join their online market research and survey panel. Participation in their various online surveys offers a variety of compensation, from cash to a selection of other prizes – depending on the nature of the specific survey.

Intermix Product Tester United Kingdom is a great resource for all people who are looking for support or information on anything to do within the mixed-race experience. This online community is currently in the process of setting up an online store, and in preparation for this they require people to become product testers and offer feedback on products that are relevant to them and the website.

InternetOpros Russia
InternetOpros is an online panel that is open for membership to residents of Russia and Ukraine, aged 10 years or older. Register to become a member onsite through their registration form to take part in paid market research studies. Earn monetary rewards that can be transferred to your mobile phone account, or donate your rewards to charity.

Intuit Beta Testing United States Canada United Kingdom Ireland
Intuit is a large and well respected software development organization, and they are looking for people to become a part of their software beta testing program. Participation in this program involves normal usage of their software, and then reporting back any problems or bugs encountered. Occasionally there are rewards attached to the process as well.

In Your Opinion International
In Your Opinion is where your opinions count. Register to become a panel member today to start sharing your opinions in surveys and polls to aid market research. Get paid for surveys and polls you take part in, and earn entries into sweepstakes draws. Membership is available online by completing their registration form.

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