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Yoopa Germany Austria Switzerland
Yoopa is an online community of Swiss, German and Austrian residents aged 12 years and over, who have signed on to offer their opinions in online surveys and polls. Members of the community are awarded Yoopa Points for participating in surveys, which are later exchanged for cash payments. Membership to the community is available by registering onsite.

Yooster Opinion Panel Australia
Yooster is Australia’s first word of mouth market research organization, and they are currently inviting people from across the country to participate in a range of market research studies. These studies take many different forms, and every time you participate you will be in line to receive some form of incentive.

YoungVotes Netherlands
YoungVotes is an online market research panel, specifically for the youth of the Netherlands aged 13-29. Members of the panel take part in paid research studies to garner their opinions on a range of current issues and consumer products and services. Membership to the panel is available online through their registration form.

Your Opinion Australia
If you are interested in sharing your honest opinions and views on a range of products and services, and you would like to receive various rewards for doing so, then Your Opinion is inviting you to participate in their program, which allows members to do just that.

Your ViewPoint Market Research Australia
If you like the idea of helping large companies from around the world to create new products and improve those already in production, then Your View Point is inviting you to join their market research panel. Members of the panel are inviting to participate in in-person studies which offer cash compensation.

YourVoice Australia
If you are interested in sharing your opinions in a range of online surveys, and you like the idea of being rewarded for doing so, then it might be worth taking a look at what Your Voice has to offer. They offer participants a range of rewards, including vouchers and games.

YourSayPays United Kingdom
YourSayPays will pay you cash – into your bank account – for each online survey that you complete on their website. Each survey will get you between 50p and 2, and once your online account has reached a total of 20, they’ll pay out the cash or make a donation to charity.

ZoomPanel New United States Canada United Kingdom Australia

ZoomPanel is a large market research organization, and they conduct a wide range of market research studies, including focus groups, home tests and surveys, in exchange for various rewards, including points redeemable for gifts, cash sweepstake entries, instant win prizes and a range of other rewards.

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