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20/20 Research  United States Canada is a great way to earn some real money while sharing your opinion in a variety of interactive focus groups. They require you to participate in these surveys either online or offline, and will pay you cash on completing the groups, right up to $200 a session.

ABILITY International
Ability is looking for disabled people to join their panel at They have a number of market research programs currently running, including online polls, surveys, brand awareness studies, focus groups and mystery shopping. These all offer rewards, which are specified at the commencement of the individual studies.

Able Associates Research Group United States
The Able Associates Research Group is a market research organization that is looking for various people from within the healthcare field to assist them with a variety of relevant research. They are looking for both patients and healthcare workers to participate in studies, and you can register for these via their website.

Academica Group United States Canada
Academica Group is a market research consultancy that provides marketing innovations to higher education. Their research studies are conducted through online surveys and focus groups, with all participants receiving cash rewards for providing their opinions and feedback. Membership to their Consumer Panel is available by registering onsite.

AccuData Market Research United States has the advantage of being part of a large conglomerate of similar companies, which means they offer a wide variety of market research projects to participate in, and they also have a proven track record and reliability. They offer rewards – but details of these are only available when individual surveys are listed.

Acromatics Research Panel United States International
Acromatics is looking for people to work with them on a variety of market research projects. This generally involves focus-groups and in-depth interviews, which will be backed up by various other quantitative data. They make no mention of compensation for participation in their program.

Adept Consumer Testing United States 
Adept Consumer Testing is looking for people to join their online market research panel, through their website They primarily conduct focus groups and in-depth interviews. They will contact you telephonically, and, although details are unavailable, they claim they are prepared to compensate you for your time.

Adler-Weiner United States 
Adler-Weiner is looking for consumers, professionals or physicians to participate in their in-person focus groups and in-depth interviews. Their research examines a variety of different topics, and those willing to participate will need to travel through to their facilities in Chicago to participate, as none of their research is conducted online.

Adobe User Research International
Software Company Adobe, is currently conducting a wide variety of market research in order to test various aspects of their products and services. If you are unable to travel to their offices, they will either travel to you or conduct the research online, and they do offer certain incentives for participating.

Advanced Focus United States
Advanced Focus offers a market research program that has been tailored for a number of specific groups. They primarily conduct focus groups and interviews from their Manhattan offices, and require you to complete an extensive survey on their website to be considered for their upcoming projects.

Advanced Strategy Center United States 
Focus groups are a great way to earn money and share your opinion. By doing so for Advanced Strategy Center, you’ll get in the region of $50-$100, and occasionally gift certificates and prizes of trips. Register for their newsletter on the website and they’ll get back to you with details of their latest projects.

Advantage Research Services United States
If you want to keep your options open with your market research participation, then you can’t go wrong by registering online with Advantage Research Services. They conduct any number of research projects, and they’ll pay you in the region of $25-100 each time you participate.

Advisory Panel United States Canada
The Advisory Panel is an online market research panel, and they are always looking for new people to sign up and participate in their various online surveys. The surveys that they have on offer are all short and straightforward, and each of them offers cash prize draws to all of those who participate.

Affluent-Dynamics United States
If you are an affluent professional, Affluent-Dynamics want your opinion on a variety of matter relating to financial decisions that you make, the products you use and other similar topics. For each survey completed and focus group participated in, they’ll reward you with 3,000 frequent flyer miles with United’s Mileage Plus program.

AIP Online Surveys

United States Malaysia Indonesia International

AIP Online Surveys are inviting you to become a member and participate in their paid market research surveys. For every completed survey, you will then be rewarded with EPoints which are accrued and then exchangeable for vouchers and gifts. There is also opportunity to win additional prizes through their Lucky Prize Draws.

Alan Newman Research United States
Alan Newman Research is a respected market research company that requires additional people to join its 10,000 strong panel. They primarily conduct focus groups, and will reward you for your time in most of them. In order to join their database, you’ll have to complete an in-depth profiling questionnaire on their website.

AllPoints Research United States
AllPoints Research is an online market research organization. They conduct a wide range of studies, both offline and online, and they are looking for people to participate in these. Selection is random, however, and interested members will simply have to enter their basic details in order to be considered.

Allure Expert United States is a market research website that is looking for people from throughout the United States to participate in their online surveys. The surveys all revolve around beauty products, characteristics and routines, and are thus personal in nature. There is a possibility of earning prizes for participating, and details are revealed when applicable.

AlphaBuzz United States conduct a massive amount of market research projects, and by signing up on their website you’ll be able to participate in anything from online surveys to in-depth phone interviews and focus groups. They do not make any mention of awards, and specifics of each survey are revealed once the invitations to complete them are sent out.

AlphaDetail United States
If you’re a patient or a healthcare professional, wants our opinion. They’re looking to shape treatments, products and other related healthcare issues through their various market research projects. They offer compensation for the time spent on the projects in the form of cash payments and medically relevant gifts.

AMD Insight United States
AMD is a market leader in the home and office technology industry throughout the world. They are looking for people to help shape the future of their various products, services, advertising campaigns and websites, and for doing so you will be able to earn gift vouchers to

American Consumer Opinion® International
American Consumer Opinion is currently running a number of market research projects in most countries around the world, all of which offer cash compensation. Online surveys will earn anything from a prize to cash rewards, while focus groups can earn upwards of $25 each time panelist participate. Monthly draws are available just for joining the program.

AmpSurveys United States
AmpSurveys offers a wide range of online surveys and studies that will help shape the future of various products and services throughout the world, all survey participants will stand the chance to win a range of exciting prizes, consider registering with AmpSurveys, where they offer all of the above. United States
Amplitude Research is looking for managers and those working in the field of technology to complete their various online surveys on a range on different topics. They’ll pay you for your time in gift vouchers for and Target, which may reach up to $10 at a time.

Answers & Insights United States
Answers and Insights is a market research firm that offers a variety of different research related services. This includes the design and implementation of research projects, as well as the capturing of data and analysis. They are always looking for people to participate, and interested parties must sign up on the website.

AOC Research United States
If you live in the metro area of Charlotte, North Carolina, then AOC Research might be interested in paying you for your opinion. They conduct a variety of different market research, including focus groups, interviews, taste tests and music evaluations, all of which are conducted out of their state of the art facilities in NC.

Ascendancy Research United States
If you live in the Downtown Minneapolis region and are willing to participate in a selection of market research projects, then Ascendancy Research may be interested in recruiting you. They are mainly concerned with in-person focus groups, and details of rewards and compensation are unavailable on their website.

Ask America United States International
Few online market research companies offer cash compensation based on an hourly rate. Ask America, however, is willing to compensate participants in their online surveys up to $30 per hour for doing so. Cash is paid out each Friday, and surveys are all available online through their straightforward website.

Ask Miami United States
Ask Miami is looking for people who live in Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe counties to participate in their various market research projects. These primarily include focus groups, interviews and previews, which are conducted in-person at their Miami facilities. They are willing to compensate participants for their time.

AskMe Consumer Panel United States
Advertising Agency, Rosenthal Partners developed the Ask Me® Consumer Panel with the aim to provide their clients with real consumer opinions. It is through participation in their surveys and opinion polls, that you can make a difference. By simply answering questions and giving your honest opinions just a few times a year, you could help to shape the goods and services that you and the world community use every day.

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