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B-More Informed United States
B-More Informed is a market research company based in Baltimore, USA that is specifically concerned with organizing and facilitating various focus groups. These are conducted out of their Baltimore offices, and they are willing to pay anything between $75 and $125 cash to each focus group participant.

Boulder Focus Center United States
The Boulder Research Center is looking for people interested in assisting them in market research. This research usually takes the form of focus groups, surveys or take- home questionnaires. All of these are rewarded with either cash (up to $100 for the focus groups) or merchandise for the shorter projects.

Bowen Research United States
Bowen Research have the great job of testing a bunch of consumer electronic goods that are about to be released on the market, and they need your help in guiding them with critical feedback and opinions. They need people to test games, contribute to online chats and complete online surveys, which are rewarded with cash and prizes.

Brand Institute International
As a BRAND INSTITUTE panel member, you have the power to shape the future competitive landscape in industries ranging from pharmaceutical to consumer products. The insights from our valuable panel members provide companies with enhanced decision-making capability, and influence how products and services will be made available to everyday consumers.

Brillo Consumer Advisory Panel United States
As mundane as they are, cleaning products are a vital part of our lives, and Brillo are always trying to refine their products for the market. They are looking for people to join their online mailing list, which will enable you to receive updates on various promotions, coupon offers, sweepstakes and free samples.

Brooks Adams Research United States
Brooks Adams Research conducts just about every type of market research necessary, including focus groups, interviews, online surveys and dial groups. They are looking for people to join their online database to become eligible for participation in these projects, which will earn panel members voucher for online stores.

Bryles Research United States
Bryles Research offers just about every kind of market research out there: executive interviewing, focus groups, car studies, mall intercepts, taste tests and even fragrance tests form part of their armory. They require you to travel to one of three US locations to participate, but do not make reference to any rewards on offer.

Bush’s Beans Panel United States
If you like Beans, and you would like all the latest bean recipes delivered directly to your inbox, then you would be well advised to join Bush’s Beans Moms and Kids panel. They are looking for customers from around the US to provide feedback on various new and established products, in exchange for regular bean recipes.

Business Research Lab United States
Business Research Lab often receive requests for online surveys where we need to use our survey panel. The information we are asking for below will be used to determine who to survey. The selection criteria for each survey differs. For example, in one survey we may need to survey females of a particular employment status, and in another we may need to survey males who live in Texas. We invite you to sign up to be part of our online survey panel.

BuzzBack International
BuzzBack want your feedback on a variety of different products, brands, services and other related issues. They require you to join their online database, after which you will have to qualify for their various surveys by answer a brief survey. They will reward those who participate with sweepstakes, gift certificates and cash.

BuzzSponge United States
BuzzSponge is a great resource for people who are interested in voicing their opinions on a variety of topics, and also for companies who want to listen. They are looking for people to participate in online surveys and offline product and service trials, and they’ll reward participants with vouchers to online stores.

BzzAgent United States Canada
BzzAgent offer a funky, easy to use website in order to sign people up for their market research projects. These projects typically involve opinion-based feedback on a number of products and services, and those people who participate will typically be able to keep the products that they have tested.

C&C Market Research United States
C&C Market Research is able to make participating in the market research process fast and hassle-free, through their easy to use website and widespread physical presence throughout the United States. They conduct all types of research, including in-person and online surveys and shorter polls, available through their website.

C2 Consumer Research United States
C2 Consumer Research will pay cash sums in the region of $75 to $100 if you are willing to participate any of their various market research projects. They primarily conduct focus groups and interviews, the specifics of which will be revealed once you have been accepted as a panel member.

Cada Cabeza Panel New United States
Cada Cabeza Panel are seeking US Latino residents who would like to sign on and participate in paid market research studies. These studies are conducted through online surveys and earn participants rewards for sharing their honest opinions and feedback on a range of topics that include consumer products and services, government policies, current affairs and more. Become a Panel Member by completing their online sign up form.

Cambridge Focus United States
Cambridge Focus is looking for regular people to assist them in their various qualitative research projects. This typically involves market research relating to various topics, and is usually in the form of focus groups and interviews. They usually reward participants in these projects with cash sums between $50 and $200.

Campos Market Research United States
Campos Inc is always looking to expand its 20,000 strong market research panel, and they are looking for members of the public to sign up at their website. Panelists will be invited to participate in quarterly focus groups, which typically earn participants cash rewards, depending on the nature of the project.

Capitol Research Services United States
Capitol Research Services conducts market research through various forms that include Focus Groups, Online Surveys, Taste Tests and Mystery Shopping, just to name a few. By assisting them with this research by becoming an active participant you could not only help to create better goods and services, you could also earn cash and gift certificate rewards.

CareCredit Advisory Panel United States
CareCredit is looking for people who make use of their products and services to offer their thoughts and opinions on a variety of different issues. They are willing to compensate people who participate in their simple, straightforward and fast with an entry into their cash prize sweepstakes.

Caregivers Advisory Panel United States
The Caregivers Advisory Panel is looking for caregivers from all walks of life to share their opinions on a variety of critical elements of their professions. The research conducted will include focus groups, interviews and online surveys, and will be on a variety of topics that will be used to better the services and products offered by their clients.

Carolana Research & Marketing United States
Carolana Research conducts just about every kind of market research you can think of. But at the moment they are primarily concerned with signing people up for their various focus groups and surveys. These are compensated with various rewards, depending on their specific nature.

Cashback Research New United States Canada United Kingdom 
Cashback Research is a free service that provides people with a means to be rewarded for giving opinions in online surveys. To date they have given out, along with our sister survey sites, over $125,000 in cash payments for having taken surveys and completing other online activities.

CashCrate – Get Paid To Complete Offers New United States Canada United Kingdom Australia International
Do you know that companies are paying top-dollar to have users like you try their products and services for free? At CashCrate, we pass that money on to you. Simply complete free offers and get paid without spending a dime! Most CashCrate members have the opportunity to make more than a thousand dollars by joining and participating in daily surveys, completing offers, referring friends and shopping online. Join for FREE Now!

Cellular South Panel United States
The Cellular South Panel has been created in order to assist Cellular South in improving their various products and services. They are looking for people to sign up on their website and participate in their focus groups, surveys or mystery shopping, and stand in line to win a selection of cellular products.

Centercode OnlineBeta International
A great way to get your hands on new gadgets and technology is to join a beta testing panel like In exchange for your opinion and feedback on a variety of unreleased products, they will reward you with either the product that you tested, or with a selection of other vouchers and prizes.

CenterWatch United States 
Participating in clinical research has many advantages, including the possibility of cash incentives, and access to free drugs that may be relevant to your specific needs. CenterWatch conduct a number of clinical and drug trials through various phases, and they are looking for people to sign up for these on their website.

Certified Marketing Services United States
Certified Marketing Research are looking for people who are interested in the movie, theatre and shopping industries to participate in their various market research projects. These may involve mystery shopping, movie theatre blind checks, open checks and patron counts, some of which offer rewards for participation.

Chamberlain Research United States
Chamberlain Research offers a full-service market research service, and they are always looking for people to participate in their various projects and receive compensation for doing so. If you are interested in product naming, new product testing, focus groups, taste testing, logo and ad review and on-line research, you can receive $20 to $50 for participating.

Charity Voice Online United States
Become a member of the Charity Voice Online Panel to earn cash rewards for you and your favorite charity by participating in paid market research studies. Get paid to provide your honest opinions on consumer goods and services and receive cash payments via PayPal, or donate your survey rewards to your nominated charity. 

Chasen Research United States
Chasen Research is a market research organization that is based in New York, USA. They conduct studies into a large array of topics and industries, and at present they are looking for assistance in their various focus groups. You can earn anything between $40 and $150 per study.

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