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Child-Research Panel International is a research company that is dedicated towards gathering the opinion of children from their select panel. Whole households can work together to accumulate points by completing their various online surveys, which can then be redeemed for prizes through their website. Kids from ages 3 -14 can join, and surveys are straightforward and entertaining for the youngsters.

Choozz Surveys New United States United Kingdom
Choozz Surveys is a great website that is geared towards conducting market research amongst the 13 – 35 age group. They offer a variety of online surveys for panelists to participate in, and rewards for participation vary from instant prizes, to entries into draws for cash, products, gadgets and vouchers.

Cleaning Experts Advisory Panel United States Canada
The Cleaning Experts Advisory Panel is looking for people within the cleaning industry to participate in their industry specific market research. This participation will involve the answering of online surveys and questionnaires through their website, and further survey invitations will be sent out regularly to panel members via email.

Clear Voice Surveys International
Clear Voice has a rewards scheme for their panel members that are up there with the best of them. They offer you a variety of ways to get involved with their various market research projects, and will pay you out in either cash, gift vouchers to restaurants or gift vouchers for each survey that you take.

ClickIQ United States Canada 
ClickIQ is a large, established and respected market research company, and they are looking for people who are interested in joining their online market research panel. By doing so, you will be contacted with details of their various promotions and surveys, and also be eligible for rewards by doing so. United States
ClinicalConnection is a market research organization that conducts various medical and clinical trials, with a special interest in building a connection between patients and clinical investigators. They are looking for people to participate in these trials, all of which offer some for of cash compensation, which varies according to each study.

Clinical Trial Survey United States
Clinical Trial Survey is seeking American residents suffering with ailments, to assist them in medical research. These trials go toward helping to provide better treatments, prevention and detection measures to greater improve a sufferer’s quality of life. As a participant you can assist them with this research, as well as get compensated for doing so. Interested persons can register their interest via their online form.

CMR, Creative Marketing Research International
CMR, Creative Marketing Research is a company specializing in medical research. It offers cash incentives for completing online surveys in the form of points, or users can opt to convert their points into gift vouchers. The site typically has panels of various medical specialists, who are required to participate in ad-hoc, obligation free surveys.

Coastal Focus United States
Coastal Focus offers a full range of market research facilities, but they are primarily concerned with recruiting people for their various focus groups. These focus groups consist of up to 10 people, and simply require participants to share their opinions on a range of topics, and receive compensation for doing so.

Cobbey & Associates International
Cobbey and Associates conduct many different online and offline market research projects for a variety of interesting clients. At present they are recruiting panel members to take part in focus groups, interviews or online surveys, all of which will offer some form of payment or compensation.

Columbia Focus United States
Columbia Focus is looking for people who reside in the Columbia region to participate in their various focus groups and market research projects. They offer comfortable facilities in their Ellicott City offices, but are able to conduct such research throughout the state. No mention is made of compensation.

Columbia University United States
The Department of Psychology at the University of Columbia is looking for people willing to assist them in their various research projects, either in a paid or unpaid capacity. They offer compensation for people willing to participate in their studies, which usually last between 30 and 60 minutes.

Columbus Research Connection United States
Columbus Research Connection is always seeking new respondent recruits to add to their database, for focus group participation. Application for this is made easy via an online form and the assistance of recruitment zip codes. All that is required is some personal details, along with some basic lifestyle information. Your participation in their focus groups could go a long way in the improvement of goods and services that are used every day.

Compass Marketing Research United States
Sign up to participate in paid market research studies with Compass Marketing Research. Take part in focus groups, surveys, mystery shops and taste tests to provide your honest opinions on consumer products and services, and receive rewards for your contributions. Register now through their online sign up form.

CompTIA Research Panel United States
If you are either in, or potentially going to enter, the Information Technology field, then CompTIA is interested in signing you up for their online market research panel. They are looking for people within the industry who are interested in answering various surveys, and in turn have their voices heard by industry leaders.

CompuRx United States Canada United Kingdom Australia International
CompuRx is a market research company that has been in the game since 1988. They specialize in gathering market research information from people who work within the healthcare industry, including physicians, pharmacists and consumers. Their research is conducted both online and offline, but no compensation is mentioned on their website.

Computerworld’s Inner Circle United States Canada
Computerworld’s Inner Circle Research Panel is a platform for sharing IT best practices, through the facilitation of surveys into technology topics. Members receive monetary and prize rewards for taking part in surveys, as well as access to survey results after the survey’s completion.

Concepts in Focus United States
Concepts in Focus are a full-service market research firm based in Jacksonville. They are looking for people to participate in any of a number of their various projects, which may involve both offline and online participation. Their focus groups offer compensation of cash or gifts, and registration is done through their website.

Consumer Advisory Board New United States
The Consumer Advisory Board is seeking new members to take part in their research activities. These activities include online surveys and questionnaires that pertain to consumer goods and services. Participants are rewarded for their efforts through Rewards Points that are exchangeable for gift cards, music downloads and charitable donations. Register as a member today by completing their online sign up process.

Consumer Centers United States
Consumer Centers is a full-service market research company that conducts a variety of different market research projects from their New Jersey and New York City offices. They are primarily concerned with focus groups, which they claim will offer some form of financial compensation for those who participate.

Consumer Connections United States
Become a Consumer Connections panel member to participate in product testing, and focus groups. Panel membership is available to persons who live within the Orlando/Apopka area, as panelists are required to attend sessions at Consumer Connections facilities.

Consumer Input United States
Consumer Input is looking for people happy to install a small piece of software onto their PC, and have your internet usage tracked anonymously, then Consumer Input will offer you some form of compensation for doing so. They reward participants, who must be US citizens, with cash, gift cards and sweepstake entries.

Consumer Insights United States
Consumer Insights Inc. offers a selection of market research projects through which to get involved. These include focus groups, in-depth interviews, product testing and online surveys, all of which offer rewards, from cash to entries into prize draws. Registration for the research is done online through their website,

Consumer Link New United States
Consumer Link is a market research company with portals to a large selection of countries from around the world. They offer cash rewards for each survey or discussion group that you complete or participate in, and they also conduct a selection of cash prize sweepstakes from time to time.

Consumer Logic Research United States
Consumer Logic Research is seeking participants to assist them in paid market research studies. These studies offer you an opportunity to voice your honest opinions to assist companies that provide consumer goods and services, as well as the chance to earn extra cash. If you are interested in finding out more about Consumer Logic Research, or would like to register to join their database, simply visit their website.

Consumer Opinion Services United States
Consumer Opinion Services is an established market research company that has facilities in three key areas of the United States – Seattle, Portland and Las Vegas. They are looking for people from these areas to participate in their market research studies, most of which offer a reward of some nature.

Consumer Say United States
Consumer Say is a panel of American residents who offer their consumer spending information to assist the panel in discovering the state of the US economy. Panelists are offered $20 for registering to the panel, and any additional surveys that members participate in also attract their own rewards. Membership is available through their online sign up form.

Consumer Surveys United States
Consumer Surveys is a market research company that conducts a variety of studies into food, be it in the form of surveys or taste tests. They are looking for people to participate in these tests, and are offering rewards of up to $30 per hour for the tests, and various gift vouchers for the surveys.

Consumer Village United States
Consumer Village is a market research organization that offers various ways to be rewarded for offering your opinion on various products and services. They are currently focused on in-person interviews and group discussions, and they will reward participants in these with cash and other unspecified rewards.

Consumer-Opinions United States
Consumer-Opinions is an online market research company that is looking for US citizens over the age of 18 to participate in their various paid online surveys. These surveys are all brief, and offer either outright cash and merchandise, or entries into their various cash-prize sweepstakes.

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